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Bus to Nerja
Bus is the cheapest way to get to Nerja. This mode of transportation is used primarily by travelers who do not mind losing a few hours to reach the destination and at the same time save some money.

- From Málaga Airport to Málaga bus station
- From Málaga Train Station to Málaga bus station
- From Málaga bus station to Nerja (Bus times)
- Nerja Bus station
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  From Málaga Airport to Málaga bus station

The first thing to know is Malaga Airport is located eight kilometres southwest of the Málaga city centre. Upon arrival find the exit to the outside of the building (terminal), to the right you will find the bus stop (click here to look a picture with location).

Now you must travel from the airport to the main station in Málaga.
Line A Express Airport
Frequency: 30 minutes
Price: 3 euros aprox. You can buy the ticket on the same bus.

Cargo Terminal- T1 & T2 (arrivals)-Airport (administrative services)- Avda. Comandante García Morato (Flying Club)-Avda. Comandante García Morato (San Miguel)-San Julián (airport crossroads)- Avda. Velázquez (10 stops)-Avda. de la Paloma-la Hoz-Ayala-Explanada of the station (railway station)- Bus Station -Callejones del Perchel (market)-Avda. Andalucía-Alameda principal-Paseo del Parque (Plaza de la Marina)-Paseo del Parque (Town Hall).
: Paseo del Parque (Plaza del General Torrijos)-Paseo del Parque (Town Hall)-Paseo del Parque (Plaza de la Marina)-Alameda Principal-Avda. Andalucía (post office)-Callejones del Perchel (market)- Bus Station -Héroe de Sosota (6 stops)- Avda.Velázquez (9 stops)- Avda. Comandante García Morato (roundabout)-T2 departures- Avda. Comandante García Morato-Cargo Terminal.

Information telephone: 0034 902 527 200

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Website Company Bus

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From Málaga Train Station to Málaga bus station

Maria Zambrano Renfe Station is located next to the station. Go out from the building and crossing the street you will find another building (older) where is the main bus station. Is marked everywhere. Go to the offices of Alsa to buy the tickets (Málaga - Nerja bus Company).

From Málaga bus station to Nerja

If you arrived by bus or train probably you are in the departure zone (outside). Go inside to the offices of Alsa (Málaga - Nerja bus Company).
Tickets price:
3,88 euros aprox.
Duration: Some buses are shorter (1 hour) and others larger like 1 and half hour.

More information: Alsa (Málaga - Nerja bus Company).

Málaga - Nerja
07.00D 08.15L 09.15 10.30D 11.00 11.45 12.30D 13.00D
13.30 14.30 15.00DL 15.15 15.30BD 16.30D 17.00D 17.30D
18.45 19.00D 19.30 20.30 20.45 21.30 23.00  

Nerja - Málaga
06.30L 07.30 08.30D 08.55 09.15L 10.10D 10.30L 11.10D
11.10 12.10D 13.40 14.30D 14.55 16.25 16.30 17.10
18.10D 18.40 19.40 21.10 21.45D*      

Nerja Bus Station

Mostly called Nerja Bus Stop, because is a zone on the same road (main entrance to the town). You will find a Box (Alsa company) where you can buy tickets and ask information about the timetables to Nerja Caves, Maro, Frigiliana, Granada, Almeria and Málaga.
From nerja leave buses to: Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Granada, Almería, Frigiliana, Nerja Caves, Maro, Torrox, Almuñecar and other cities. Info: Alsa (Málaga - Nerja bus Company)

Recommend: three blocks away is the Hostal Bronce www.hostalbronce.es great guesthouse with prices starting at 10 euros per person.

nerja bus station

nerja bus station map

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- Alsa (Bus Malaga - Nerja)
- Málaga Airport info
- Hostal Bronce (Accommodation in nerja)
- Information about Nerja (Easy Nerja)
- Social Network Nerja (Info about fiestas, parties, what's on)

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